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Buxna Artist Agency was established in 2007. At the moment, it is one of the biggest reggae booking agencies in Europe. Last year, BAA merged with Mediacom and this two named agencies are covering around 70% of bookings for reggae artists in Europe.

BAA is not limited only to reggae bookings. More and more, BAA is booking world music and all other genres of music. Every year BAA organise more and more tours and concerts , but not only in Europe, as well world wide. Last year, BAA organised more then 400 concerts and did its own production for more then 20 shows. Agency cooperates with almost all reggae festivals in Europe (more then 50 of them). Since beginning ,BAA is one of rare agencies that works on East European market and try to promote reggae in this part of Europe. Artists, that we are working with, are open to do shows in East Europe for much lower conditions then they usually request. Agency had plans in future to organise more and more tours, shows and to find partners to organise festivals in East Europe. For now we have great results on Balkans, where each year we do more and more shows. Results are already here – each year we have more and more visitors. Reggae music is popular world wide because of message and vibe that it is bringing. BAA is sure that East Europe will accept reggae if they will have opportunity to hear it and if someone will promote it. Agency work with biggest names in reggae music but our ambitions are much bigger, we want to do with main stream music and world music same as we do with reggae.

BAA agency is first agency in reggae that has media partners and tightly cooperate with main media at this market. We put level of business on higher level. We unite few big agencies to cooperate, not to be competitors. Agency cooperate with biggest main stream agencies like Live Nation, CAA, WME, ICM… Our artists and our vision have crossed the borders of Europe to all around the world. Nowadays our agency organizes concerts with artists in Europe, Africa, Asia and Central South America. Buxna´s works mainly with reggae artists, but has also organized musical events with artists from a variety of genres BAA plan to work more in East Europe, to find partner at this area and bring good artists and organise festivals with high standards.

BAA in numbers:
– agency work for 11 years
– in this period we book more then 3000 concerts
– we book each year around 30 festivals
– in last 5 years we produce more then 100 shows
– in agency was working 10 persons over 9 years
– we book shows in more then 50 countries all around the world

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