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“This time, the charm is in the whisper, the mild chirps and murmurs that bring authentic Romani poetry to life in a more contemporary, appealing form. At times, it even seems the color of the Romani language is so near to Katja Šulc, she could be speaking in her native tongue.” RADIO STUDENT

Katja Šulc is an eclectic singer/songwriter blending poetry with music. Her latest project KAMLISAJLAN is based on contemporary gypsy poetry from Balkans and Eastern Europe. Made and released in Mexico (Casete México, 2016), sung in Rromani, close to folk and world music, repetitive and hypnotic. The album gained wide attention and has been proclaimed ‘one of the best Slovenian albums of the year’ (Delo), ‘a wonderful album of hypnotic songs combining the best of the world, folk and electronic genres’ (beehype), ‘great music from Slovenia … lose yourself in melancholy.’ (BBC Radio 3).

An electronic version of the album KAMLISAJLAN REMIXED (Casete México, 2017) was made in collaboration with Slovenian and foreign producers, Christian Kroupa, Kalu, Bowrain, Žiga Murko, Pier, RootsInSession, Bungalo Dub (Mexico), El Hijo de la Cumbia (Argentina), Rayo & Ridion (Mexico).

The project was presented regionally and further, beside MENT festival at the beginning of the year also in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Turkey, China, Mexico, Guatemala.

Katja Šulc will present the project  with a Slovenian producer and multimedia artist KALU.
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