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Pipes and Pints is a punk-rock band which was formed in 2006 by Vojta Kalina in Prague. At the same time, Vojta has started to play bagpipes which should become the base sound of the band music.

They have proved to everyone that they were serious about their music as evidenced by their relentless and voracious touring of European clubs and festivals. The band got a reputation as true believers who give it all they have. In December they recorded a 5-track EP which immediately became a promise of better days and the beginning of a new adventure and the boys didn’t hesitate to hit the road with it. In the end of 2009, they have toured a lot of concerts in Europe and with the cooperation of Wolverine Records and Unrepentant Records are releasing their debut Until We Die.

In autumn of 2017, they were recording 4 new songs in cooperation with Yarda Helešic. The new era of Pipes and Pints has just become. They are planning to release each song in every 2-3 months. Together as a new band formation have already full calendar of concerts and summer festivals until the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 so we can look forward to a lot of concerts.

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