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String Forces is quite a specific Macedonian band from the mid-nineties of the 20th century.

By now they have 6 studio releases: Unsustainable truth – (EP 2018, just released), Sogoli me (2017), Reductio Ad Absurdum (2009), Svilenkast pat (2006), Izohronija (2002), String Forces (1999) through their record label Profundus. Formed in 1995 by Dorian Jovanovic (bass, Stick and electronics), String Forces have more than 20 years of almost constant presence on the Macedonian music scene through their hits from the beginning and mid 2000’s: Kade begas, Kelari shareni, Sub, Vodi me, Eden zdiv, Jas sum ti, but also recent Nie sme, Ima li, Strav and the last one from the just released EP, Seti se. Aside the studio albums, they have a music for a TV-series, Zavedeni in 2003, and a recorded unplugged performance (2007) for the National Broadcasting Macedonian Radio and Television.

The specific sound of String Forces is in the eclectic mix of a wide range of musical styles, with a strong preference to a live sound and the sound of string instruments (violin, guitar, bass, Stick and for periods viola and cello) not so specific for the established and popular music forms, and augmented by discreet-but-ever-present electronics. They have defined a sound for themselves which is very recognizable and characteristic.

In February 2017 they promoted their 5th studio, Sogoli me, album with a performance which was a celebration of their 20 years of activity. This year (2018) we have their new studio effort, an EP of 5 songs with a sharp turn into a new sound. There is a planned follow-up of up to two more EP’s before a new full length studio album will be released.

Important performances:

– “Dig Deeper” performance, de:sonanz 2017, Skopje, Macedonia

– D Festival, Dojran, 16.07.2017, as of bad weather turned into a live facebook streaming performance

– “Sogoli me  + 20 years”, Skopje, MKC, 10.02.2017

– “DreamOn” Festival, Struga, 31.07.2016

– D Festival, Dojran, 26.07.2014

– Vero Spring Wine Festival, Skopje, 10.05.2014

– Alarm for Nature, Дојран, 03.08.2013

– Sound of green festival, Скопје, 25.06.2013

– “String Forces 15 years”, Club MKC, Skopje, two nights, 06 and 07.05.2011

– “Akto“ Festival, Bitola, 13.08.2010

– Taksirat Festival, Club “Colloseum”, Skopje, 01.12.2010

– “Reductio Ad Absurdum” album promotion, Club „Havana“, Skopje, 27.11.2009

– Cultural heatwave: Kavadarci, Kratovo, Probishtip, Resen, Strumica, July – August 2008

– Unplugged on MRTV, MRTV, 27.03.2007

– “EXIT”, Novi Sad, Srbija, 09.07.2006

– “Svilenkast pat” album promotion, City Park, Skopje, 14.06.2006

– “Ethno Festival”, Club “KST”, Zagreb, Croatia, 08.03.2006

– “Eastern European Music Conference”, St. Petersburg, Russia, 19.06.2005

– “Balkan Square”, Ohrid, August 2004

– “WOMEX”, Istanbul, Turkey, 26.04.2004

– Fethie Festival, Fethie, Turkey, 01.08.2003

– “Alarm” Festival, Ohrid, July 2002

– “No Borders” Festival, July 2002

– “Izohronija” album promotion, Macedonian Opera and Ballet, 05.07.2002

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