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Dukagjin Lipa is executive director of Republika Communications which is Prishtina based Creative Communications Agency established in February 2008, with a growing portfolio of local and national clients as well as a CEO of Mercy & Wills PR agency based in London. He is an experienced professional dedicated to maintaining high quality standards and actively developing new skills to keep up to date with current technology demands. Dukagjin Lipa is also, the organizer of the Sunny Hill Festival in Prishtina and his main goal is to put Kosovo on the cultural map and prove that Europe’s newest nation could be defined by more than conflict.

About Sunny Hill Festival he said: “We want to give people a sense of belonging, of European living and the idea that we are part of Europe,”. This is the greatest way to promote Kosovo as a peace-loving and music-loving country that welcomes all our neighbors and all visitors who want to have fun.”

Fun Fact: Dukagjin Lipa is the father of the famous Kosovo-British singer Dua Lipa. 
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