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Vydrapena Buzirka Punk System (Disrupted Spaghetti Insulation Punk System) is a big illegal anti sport punk legend from Little Carpathians. VBPS was founded at the beginning of a new millennium as a reaction to fitness club domination in Slovakia. As written in their song Revolution, fitness centers should be changed to music clubs with VBPS songs on air.

The worst day in the career of VBPS is 11th May 2002, when Slovak National Ice hockey team won gold medals at the World Championship. After that day the band started to think about their mission very seriously and started to play intensively.

They sold out WC stage at Rockovy Mikulas in Trencin (the main ice hockey incubator in the world) and have played other eleven (or twelve?) concerts in chalets and gut buckets of Czechoslovakia. Other enemies of VBPS except sport are scanties and soberness as you can feel from their structural old school punk compositions.

VBPS are the first punk band with their own waiter on the stage, who is serving not only members of the band, but also fans in first raw. The most favorite drink of Pankac (guitar, vocals), Korzar (bassguitar, vocal) and Vajco (drums, vocal) is calvados & sheep’s whey.

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