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Matwe Drappenmadchenfeller is a multi-genre man. He’s no static DJ, his sets are full of music he loves, therefore he enjoys it with the audience with spontaneous dancing. Apart from DJing, he is professionally involved in organization of club events and festivals. His home club is Kabinet Múz in Brno. His heart and soul is at Pohoda festival, the biggest and the best event in Slovakia, which he also co-organizes.

His DJ sets are rich in sound and mostly flavored with alternative music, both electronic and instrumental. One genre is too limiting though. He likes everything with energetic drive. From jazz through punk to neo-swing, funk, beat and even techno sometimes, topped with classical influences, everything mixed together in an eclectic cocktail of dance energy. As a violist, he played baroque music also in his hometown’s chamber orchestra. The major influence towards swing music was his father, who used to organize swing nights. It was there, where Drappenmadchenfeller saw swing big bands for the first time as a child. These all elements have played a major role in forming this personality.

Under the name Matwe Drappenmadchenfeller he made thousands of people dance with his neo-swing madness selection, followed by intense tracks of various origin. He doesn’t play electro-swing or any mainstream music, his selection is true alternative quality. Drappenmadchenfeller knows his tracks from the starting point to the end, therefore he enjoys what he plays very much. His stage performance represents a specific joy of true swing music, with air guitar or saxophone soloes flying around his broad hat, along with dancing limbs. When people see this, the groove comes on and everything turns into a big feedback loop, where energy gets transferred both ways and everyone is having fun. His playlists are never prepared before, improvisation in the selection is the key to picking up the perfect track in the right moment.

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