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Simona Dimkovska was born in 1989 in Kumanovo. Graduated at Goce Delchev High School in 2008 and was enrolled in B.S. degree in Architecture at the Faculty for Architecture within the Sts. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, 2011. While in the same university, was part of B.S. degree in Acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in 2015. Simona successfully combines and applies knowledge from both academic fields. She has worked as a set designer for the plays Ljubof (2013) – produced at the Youth Cultural Center in Skopje, and Carnage (2014), a play created by Master Program Alumni and produced at the Faculty for Dramatic Arts.

As an actress, she has worked in plays by the well-established artist Slobodan Unkovski: Thessaloniki – city of ghosts (2015), Lerin (2016) – both produced at the independent Navigator’s Cvetko Theater. She performs in Einstein’s Dreams (2015), co-produced by the National Theater Vojdan Chernodrinski in Prilep. In 2016, performs in the play Antigone and Creon, directed by Nela Vitosevic. In 2017, she has a role in the experimental play for teenagers Between Us. While studying, she conducted a series of appearances in academic short films: “Trash”by Kristijan Karadjovski, “Egg” by Tamara Kotevska, “50 Litres“by Kika Cu.

In the field of film and television, She has starred in a few TV advertisements, one of them directed by Milcho Manchevski. Had an appearance as a character in the Russian TV series The Godfather, directed by Timur Alpatov. Also, appeared in Macedonian TV series Prespav, in 2018; and worked in The Red Poet (in post-production).  Simona  has had a role in the feature film Secret ingredient (2017), directed by Gjorce Stavreski

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