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Viktor Tanaskovski is a musician and music teacher from Skopje. He studied jazz guitar at “Goce Delcev” university in Stip, where he graduated in 2016. So far he has been a part of many music projects, such as Alcos Saloon, Nomads, Rover’s Hangover, Lorekeeper’s Guild and so on.

Recently he is playing regular cover gigs with the band Day Off. Apart from playing in clubs and teaching guitar and bass in “Pianoforte” music school, his main project is Minstrel’s Gallery, a progressive/art rock group in which he is doing most of the composing, writing, and visuals. Minstrel’s Gallery was formed in March 2013. Their music is an eclectic combination of a wide variety of genres, such as Heavy Rock, Jazz/Fusion, Psychedelia, World Folk Music, Avant-garde influences, etc… which, blended together with the uncommon time signatures and composing techniques, they briefly call it Progressive/Art Rock. So far they have two albums – “Ignorance leads to Ruin” (2016) and “To…” (2018).

With Minstrel’s Gallery as a host band, Viktor have organized many events, among which most notable are the Acoustic Breakfast (autumn 2017), Synaesthetics (spring 2018, together with Ana Knezhevikj), and Semi-acoustic Breakfast (autumn 2018). The idea behind these events, especially Synaesthetics, was to combine all kinds of arts and crafts on the same place in the same time, such as music, poetry, visual arts, handmade crafts bazaar, cooking, and so on.

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