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Dragana Dobrić is the art director of Drugstore nightclub in Belgrade. As the creator of the concept Dragana has been responsible for Drugstore’s image and representation in the media since 2012. Besides being in charge of the nightlife segment of the club, Dragana organizes visual art, theater, food and fashion related events with other collaborators. Dragana marks 2012 as the beginning of her participation as content maker on Belgrade’s nighlife scene.

She has first opened Bivši, a cultural center and meeting point for creatives of Belgrade, with friend Nemanja with whom she now runs Drugstore. The first location of Bivši was of short life and a place of suprise parties where a new family of creatures of the night was made. The center quickly moved to two other locations in downtown Belgrade. Slatki Bivši was the place where improv jazz sessions, workshops of all sorts and pop- up exhibitions of local artists occured regularly and Bivši was more than a bar, Belgrade’s true living room where many of the members of the Belgrade electronic music scene forged their craft. In the same year, Dragana and Nemanja opened Drugstore and made it into a cultural center which, after changing location in 2014, became one of the best underground nightclubs in Eastern Europe where many respectable and cutting-edge names from the music and arts world performed.

Drugstore’s programme has expanded from solely electronic dance events to concerts of classical music, fashion shows, visual arts events and more since day one. All of this is helping new content reach the younger audiences by deinstitutionalizing culture and broadening the scene in Belgrade. As the co-producer, assistant director and costume designer, she has participated in the making of Vetar, a feature film by Tamara Drakulić awarded by the jury of 45th FEST, Belgrade’s international film festival. Drugstore’s season six saw a series of programme-exchanging events initiated by Drugstore. European clubs like Bassiani, Tresor, Institut fuer Zunkunft and Macao participated.

The premiere of Borderline beauty in spring of 2018 marked the beginning of Drugstore Theater, a long awaited idea Dragana had since Drugstore’s start. In the fall of 2018 she has started her own fashion line, Haloumi cheesewear. In the same year Drugstore joined Re Generacija collective in their Drug checking policy in Serbia.

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