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Ivan has been heavily engaged in promoting and event production for barely a year. He would track his beginnings to his teenage years, his love for music and his constant drive to organize parties at his parents since they were away often. His friends were always waiting for that sms on a Wednesday: “hey, mom and dad are in Ohrid this weekend, you know the drill”.

Since his university years, he’s been involved in activism, more concretely human rights of LGBTQ+ people. This was a valuable experience for him in respect of realizing the communal part of organizing a party, the safety that it provides for marginalized people and the freedom to be ones self and leave all the pains and struggles behind for a night. It taught him that “fun” isn’t everything.
He and his collective have created Longbus for that purpose. To inject the communal spirit into the local underground electronic music scene that has been fading since its beginnings in the 90s. Since their first party in May, they’ve successfully organized 10+ Longbus parties with local artists, but also international guests, such as Andy Blake, 33.10.3402, and they are immensely excited about Lakuti coming to Skopje on the 24th of November for her gig at the Longbus residence in Minus Eden.
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