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MAKING THINGS HAPPEN – by Pohoda Festival

Time machine, fast forward from the office desk to festival doors opening!
12 months of work, finances, sponsors, emails, booking, catering, merchandising, security, logistics, production, mistakes, promo materials, phones, cancellations, ticket sale, deadlines..
The best and most positive European Festival POHODA, will try to get you into this festival madness!
Their 1 year of work and energy of building the festival, only for you into 1 hour of how this looks like – organizing a festival, LIVE!
You think it`s impossible?
Full office on stage, you don`t wanna miss this!

Speakers (all POHODA Festival – SK)

Michal Kaščák, L’ubica Scambova, Katarína Hittrichová, Lucia Paulíková, Tereza Maco, Suzanne Verschueren, Monika Matiašovská, Vladimir Jurčák, Anton Repka, Michael Sládek, Matwe Kaščák, Ratislav Martiška, Jakub Sigmund, Igor Šašinka, Marián Kováč, Štefan Kladivik

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