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Panel #1 Is Revealed

Panel #1 is revealed

Friday | 12:00 – 13:00

Put the dreams of becoming Live nation, Reeperbahn or PIAS on the side… and focus on effective steps to make a living from music and evolve your company towards other regional markets. Cooperation with complementary partners, innovation, EU funding and most probably human capital are the key tools of this side of Europe music sector. Our panel of Festival, Music Export and international networks representatives will give their thoughts and ideas on how production company, a 360 label or a festival can overcome the obstacles and what will they need to have to succeed.


Georges Perot – MESO Events (GR)


Peter Baroš – SIGIC (SI)
Renato Horvath – HOTS (HU)
Andras Berta – YOUROPE (HU)
Márton Náray – SoundCzech / Nouvelle Prague (CZ)
Serhan Lokman – Gulbaba Music (TR)


Check out all panels HERE.
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