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Panel #6 Is Revealed

Panel #6 is revealed

Saturday | 15:30 – 16:30

The hipies were a symbol of love peace and harmony, punks used the anarchy to fight social justice, R`n`R genre connected itself with sex & drugs. What is the purpose of the electronic music? Movement, growing child following the technology, eyes wide shut? In Germany, a walk called `Love Parade` became an identity of milions of people, in Tbilisi, 15.000 ravers stand to fight the government with `We dance together, we fight together`. Convicted in one place, prestige to another .. Business or ideology? In Macedonia there is not even a place or law that will let you party 24/7. After party? Excuse me? After is after 2PM until 3 in the morning.. Does the electronic music uses it`s power to make a statement & change, or it doesn`t feel like doing it? What is it that we do not see, or it`s non existent?


Sagor Meskovic – Exit festival (SR)


Anastasios Diolatsiz – Reworks festival (GR)
Dragana Dobrić – Drugstore (SR)
Giorgi Ujmajuridze – Bassiani Club (GEO)
Ivan Menkinoski – Longbus Promotion (MK)

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