December 19, 2015


Panel discussion: 21st Century Digital Boy  – who rocks the digital stage? 

Date: 26th November (Saturday)

Time: 14:00

Venue: MKC (Cinema Frosina), Skopje, Macedonia

Moderator: Andraz Kajzer


  • Benoit Rossi
  • Monika Satkova
  • Darko Buldioski
  • Bojan Stefkovski


Description of the panel:

Everything is digitalized and in the digital world size matters. The size of a musician’s social media following is no indication of his quality as an artist. Still, it is what influencers and multipliers like bookers look at when they consider you: page likes, clicks or followers. But not everyone performs online as strongly as they perform on stage. Which is all the worse because the online platforms are also a primary source of listeners or event goers today. We offer a set of guidelines for those who want to professionalise the portrayal and marketing of their art or event and focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat. Which channels are relevant? How do we develop a content strategy? How do we tell stories that are not only emotional, but create a high share-factor? How music artists capitalize on influencer marketing? How it is being a musician and influencer same time?