December 22, 2015


Panel discussion: Macedonian Sounds Great

Date: 25th November (Friday)

Time: 14:00

Venue: MKC (Cinema Frosina), Skopje, Macedonia

Moderator: Vasko Atanasoski


  • Goran Trajkoski
  • Oliver Belopeta
  • Toni Kitanovski
  • Sonja Pandilovska
  • Tosho Filipovski 

Description of the panel:

Is there any Macedonian music industry, scene, Infrastructure and media? We give an overview of the details of the (in)success of the Macedonian export music, as one of the countries less present on the world music scene. What is the right approach and what are the platforms needed to widen the Macedonian music market?  Is Macedonian language pleasant to the ear and fit for export? Or its well known musicality reaches only to Tabanovce? Who influences the taste and culture discourse of young generations? Is the battle of educational institutions with media, Internet and social media already lost?