October 30, 2017

Michal Kaščák

Michal Kaščák (1972) is a promoter, musician, composer and lyricist. At the age of thirteen, he as a leader of the band Bez ladu a skladu began to give concerts mostly in underground clubs of the communist Czechoslovakia. The New York Times included the band among the artists who contributed to the fall of the Iron Curtain. After the Velvet Revolution, the band started touring Europe and it fell apart in 1997. That same year Michal Kaščák started the Pohoda festival and has been acting as its director, curator, and booker. Pohoda is an art festival where alternative, indie, electronic, punk, and world music meets classical music, along with literature, dance, visual arts, film, and theatre. The festival creates a unique space for meeting different cultures and world views; it is a celebration of freedom and tolerance. In addition to the festival, the Pohoda team organises also concerts and small festivals, such as the Doma dobre festival for homeless people. Derek Robertson of Drowned in Sound wrote about Pohoda: “The organization is superb. Compared to UK festivals this is Utopia. In fact, it’s one of the most well-behaved festival crowds I have ever witnessed…”. Michals career as conference tiger began in 2012, when he was pushed by Mr. Login The Great Kochishi to lead debate at 1st PIN conference, as original chairman ended in hospital after long long night day before. Michal survived and it was his first panel ever. Thats why he is coming „back to the roots“ with big respect to beautiful people of Password production and to challenging party life of Skopje.