December 22, 2015


Panel discussion: Music into politics or politics into music? 

Date: 26th November (Saturday)

Time: 12:30

Venue: MKC (Cinema Frosina), Skopje, Macedonia

Moderator: TBA


  • Petrit Selimi 
  • Marcus Oertel
  • Jelina Makrantonaki
  • Risto Solunchev
  • Ljubomir Frckovski 

Description of the panel:

Music was the main ‘weapon’ in the global hippie movement and an initiative for social changes and fight for freedom and equality 50 years ago. Today, it seems that we need the same messages more than ever. Some people say that we want to hear songs with lyrics we are afraid to say it loud ourselves. Is music really powerful enough to change world and defy politics? To what degree one influences the other? Is it ok for musicians to be politically active? Can they change something? Can they overcome the bridges politicians can’t? Lennon stood for social changes, Zappa fought censorship, can Bono rescue the world and Bob Geldof save us from AIDS? Do our musicians fight for something? What moves music scene: social peace or mental conflict?