April 18, 2016


2Energy, charm, hapinness and sex-appeal. Lightness of syncopes combined with uncompromising beats. Insight and spontaneity, but also refined sophistication and professionalism.All this and much more certainly helped the young band Mydy Rabycad to get better over the last year and a half and become one of the best concert bands on our scene and attract fans, agents and promoters, not only in Europe. Dozens of concerts in clubs filled with enthusiastic audience of fans and sparkling atmosphere on stage last year, for example at Red Bull Tour Busu and big stages of Colours Of Ostrava, United Islands Of Prague and Pilsnerfest. Great atmosphere in a joint concert with stylish comrades Klischée in swiss Lausanne, enthusiastic reception from the audience at a rock festival at german Wilwarin, success in Paris and thrilled jazz audience at Poland festival. Mydy Rabycad capitalized this impressive balance of last year in the studio – they released their second album called Glamtronic. Pun in the title suggests that the band does not want to fit in the style description classics. They added sharp EBM beats to swinging jazz moments, without pushing the imaginative melodies into the background and espesially constant playfulness and desire to entertain themselves and the audience with music. Frontwoman of the band, singer and songwriter
Žofie Dařbujánová explains: „Electroswing is in our roots, but we crossed its mantinels. Now it is not possible to put us into a category, so we made up the word Glamtronic as a expression for our own style and then we decided to name the whole album after it..”!

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