December 22, 2015


Panel discussion: OUT IS IN 
Date: 26th November (Saturday)
Time: 15:30
Venue: MKC (Cinema Frosina), Skopje, Macedonia
Moderator: Gjorgji Janevski


  • Dijana Lakus
  • Frederic Farrieu
  • Masha Pavokovic
  • Nikos Stefanidis
  • Boban Lazovski

Description of the panel:

Get your band out of the garage and do it yourself! Book concerts on your own, get to know how to get media, promoters, festivals. Get to know which genres where to find… How to get the best studio sound and how to avoid amateur mistakes? Discover the secrets of how to get the best recording possible with a minimal budget. Guests on this panel are here to give advice and share their good practices and tricks they used in order to get 100+ concerts outside Macedonia, a publishing company, studio, design studio, fanzines and even to write a book…