December 25, 2015

Speakers 2016

1Benoît Rossi , among other things, is the founder of the independent publishers’ network and platform ‘AD MUSIC’ and head of the publishing company ‘Zaine Music’. He has worked as an executive producer for independent artists and as artists’ manager at various festivals. He is also one the founders and head of the consulting agency ‘Ideal Rights’ which provides business management for independent artists. For the past 10 years he has worked as a booking agent and an administrator and label manager in ‘Salamah Production. Since 2011 he has worked as a professor at the University of Savoie.




1Frédéric Farrieu has started his career as a musician (saxophone) from 1994 to 2006 and has had more than 1000 shows in France and abroad with bands like Urban Sax, Les Fils de Teuhpu, and many others. Then, in 2006 he created ‘Zn Production’ which is a Label, Booking, Management Agency where Frédéric works as a local and international promoter and an executive producer.  ‘Zn Team’ is composed by 5 People, 1 director, 1 accountant and 3 bookers. The main artists of their roster include artists such DubiozaKolektiv, EsmaRedzepova, BobanMarkovic, Saied Shanbehzadeh, Ceux qui Marchent Debout, Les Fils de Teuhpu, Jim Murple Memorial, Balaphonics, Ziveli Orkestar etc. As an international promoter ‘Zn Team’ has organized many international tours of many different bands. They also have a festival called « Welcome in Tziganie », and work as local promoter in Paris (Olympia, Cabaret Sauvage, Bataclan, New Morning)




Andraž Kajzer -A sound technician who became a music journalist who became an editor who became a promoter who became a label manager who became an agent who became a tour manager who became a festival & conference manager. Currently co-managing MENT Ljubljana & MENT platform, promoting gigs, working with Slovenian bands and, from 2013, running Hrupmag, a Slovenian webzine fond of alternative music genres with a strong focus on audiovisual content.  Andraž is part of Specialka, a small team of young music enthusiasts who have been booking artists and organizing concerts since 2011.





Maša Pavoković has been working in the creative and music industry for the last 8 years. She started as a TV presenter on MTV, followed by MTV online editor and a radio presenter. Since then, her work has taken her into the PR and editorial field. She worked as an editor and researcher for several prime time shows on national television and she’s been a PR manager for state-of-the-art productions with artists such as Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5 and the likes. She is also tightly connected to the local music scene. From 2013 she coordinates High School League of Bands in Kino Šiška. More recently she is involved with artist management, concert promotion and helping young artists to develop their music careers. Koala Voice are currently first band on her roster.





Matjaž Manček has been actively involved in the music world since 1996. He has been a musician (various noise rock, free improvisation and experimental bands and projects), a radio activist as a music editor and a DJ in Radio Študent. He has started Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent project in 2001. During the years, Matjaž has been a co-coordinator of CrossRadio network of ex-Yugoslavian independent radio stations from 2001 – 2007, a club DJ, promoter and producer of local and international music events, editor at rx:tx music label (2004/5); has established Kataman Music Action in 2005 and has run its activities until 2009. Matjaž has been the head of the Music programme at Kino Šiška , a centre for urban culture based and founded by the Municipality of Ljubljana, from 2009 onwards. The centre promotes contemporary and urban culture through organizing concerts, visual and performing arts. Every year, Kino Šiška hosts more than 250 events. Matjaž is also the Co-founder and co-manager of MENT Ljubljana.


baros-1Peter Baroš is Secretary General of SIGIC – Slovenian music information centre. He was born in 1982 in Celje and has spent his childhood years in RogaškaSlatina. Peter moved to Ljubljana to study philosophy and sociology of culture at Faculty of Arts – University Ljubljana. He graduated in 2009 in the field of phenomenology of music with work called Musical performance – listening, ideology, repetition. From 2010 to 2014 he was a councillor for music at the Ministry of culture of Slovenia. Peter is also a musician, multi-instrumentalist who plays in the Slovenian rock group ‘Zaklonišče prepeva’.





Alexander Cerevka is a PR and artist manager for leading record labels in Slovakia (Slnko Records) and Czech Republic (BrainZone). He is responsible for PR and communications of showcase festival and the Waves Bratislava 2015 conference. Alexander is the Co-founder of LaLa – Slovak music export initiative.






Michaela Gaborikova is active in different artistic fields as a manager, production manager, and is responsible for programming and dramaturgy at the small emerging music and arts festival- Lidozur in Piestany, Slovakia. She has produced projects and performances of the contemporary music ensemble Cluster Ensemble and is currently producing the contemporary arts festivals: Bratislava Design Week, Bratislava in Movement (contemporary dance), and Oskar Cepan Award – award for young visual artists. She works as a fundraiser at LaLa – Slovak music export initiative.





michal-1Michal Bereznak worked as a production manager at Waves Bratislava but now he is a freelance production and stage manager for concerts and leading Slovak festivals including: Pohoda Festival, Grape, Uprising, and Bratislava Jazz Days. Michal works as a venue manager at Refinery Gallery and is a co-founder of LaLa – Slovak music export initiative.






Monika Satkova works as a booking assistant of the Pohoda Festival, which takes place on the second weekend in July, in Trencin, Slovakia. Pohoda is the biggest festival in Slovakia with 30 000 daily visitors and more than 160 artists from all over the world. In 2016 Pohoda celebrated its 20th edition. Besides the work for the festival, Monika is a co-founder of LaLa – Slovak music export initiative, and is a singer and composer in the band Snowdrop.





marcus-1Marcus Oertel is a cultural manager from Dresden/DE.  For almost 10 years he has been engaged in international exchange projects mainly with Central and Eastern Europe. He is operating for Kultur Aktiv with EU funded projects since 2010, like Parallel Experiences (2011), Show Europe – Show Belarus (2010-2012) and Transkaukazja (2011 and 2013). Since 2013 he is the CEO of Kultur Aktiv.





blaz-1Blaž Gracar is a strange-hop producer from a little town called Izola on the coast of Slovenia. He started as a rapper and a beatboxer and slowly moving towards more instrumental and more abstract music. He has released several Eps and his most recent projects have been a new album called “Don’t Listen To This” and his collaborations with Slovenia’s biggest alternative rap star N’toko and producer Šuljo with whom he forms the duo BAGS. Blaž is also active in film and literature: he graduated film-editing and published a poetry collection “You Can Be An Apple”.






Márton Náray  is a Hungarian living in Prague and dedicated to creating networks in the CEE region. Márton has been working in the creative sector for the last 18 years in nearly all the possible music related sectors, in Hungary -as a festival programmer (Sziget, European Music Day, OZORA etc) booker, conference organizer (Hangfoglalás, regiON,) project manager for governmental music export agency (Music Export Hungary) promoter, tour manager, stage manager, musician, DJ to radio-presenter- and gained deep overview of the Central- Eastern European music industry… Since moving to Czech Republic he is the Managing Director at Common Creation– a cultural management company in Czech Republic. On behalf of Common Creation he is working the pilot year of Czech Music Office-the Czech presence at Eurosonic Noorderslag festival, he has organized Overhead– a first-of its kind hybrid conference/festival around Drone culture and has coordinated many more projects. He composes one half of Take Berlin Promotions– promotion team of festivals and cultural events in Central-Eastern Europe, promoting Lollapalooza Berlin, MELT! Festival, and the conference director of Nouvelle Prague Showcase-Conference.





Petrit Selimi has served as Kosovo’s Deputy Foreign Minister and acting Foreign Minister for two governmental mandates from 2010 to 2016. As one of Kosovo’s top diplomat, he launched innovative projects such as digital diplomacy campaign, interfaith diplomacy and other projects. In 2015 he received prestigious global Doha Award for Interfaith Dialigue. Wired Magazine profiled him in 2014 as one of the pioneers of the Digital Diplomacy. As of June 2016, Selimi has been appointed as Kosovo’s National Coordinator of the Millennium Challenge Corporation, an American federal agency that provides investments for large-scale projects in economic development. Before entering politics, Selimi worked as a consultant in Public Relations, media and cultural management. Between 2007 and 20010, he has organized concerts by the likes of 50 Cent, Manu Chao, Morcheeba, Buena Vista Social Club and organized contemporary arts events including exhibitions by Turner-prize winner Nathan Coley in Kosovo.





Martin Kukol, born in 1990 in Prešov and now living in Bratislava. Started as a music journalist in online magazines and  later he launched his own lifestyle mag. As a journalist, he interviewed a lot of musicians who introduced him to music industry. It has always been his passion and suddenly, it became his job. He has been 5 years in the music business now as a manager, booker and producer. He has started the music series “Hudba mesta” which are series of over 70 bands playing on different, untypical locations. Currently, he is managing the young and promising rock’n’roll band Walter Schnitzelsson and the Slovak rap legend, Vec. He has also worked as a head of production at one of the biggest Slovak festivals – Grape festival and has been a speaker at multiple marketing conferences, wotkshops…




nikos 1In 1991, Nikos Stefanidis founded the MYLOS Cultural Centre in Thessaloniki with four venues, radio stations, a record label, galleries, and a monthly magazine, for which he was in charge until 2003. Since then, he has founded the Principal Club theatre, Gaia Live club, Gaia Festival (1998) – the first world music festival in Greece, and other business activities in tourism (Thalatta Camping -Kalamitsi 2004), Millennium 2000 in Athens, River Party Nestorio, 1995-96  and exhibitions in contemporary art, comics festival etc . Over the last 25 years,as a local promoter in Thessaloniki he has organized thousands of concerts. He is also a founder of Pararlama Blues Club, Nani-Nani club,  Orient Live, Tapas Club and Panellinion restaurant. Also founded radio Outopia as student of Economy in University of Thessaloniki and later Radio 88miso. In 2012, was the local partner at WOMEX in Thessaloniki.




jm-1Jelina Makrantonaki is an Attorney at Law; she holds an M.A. in Media Culture and an M.A. in Communication and Culture. She speaks English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian.  She was first elected in the Prefecture of Thessaloniki in 2006. For two consecutive times in her term she was elected Secretary of the Prefectural Council and served as a member of the board of the Thessaloniki Cultural Centre. She was re-elected as a counselor of the Central Macedonia Region in 2010. She was appointed Vice-Governor on International Affairs, Innovation and New Technologies of Central Macedonia and a member of the board of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization until 2014. In 2015 she was included in Nea Dimokratia’s list of candidates for the national elections. She continues to be a member of the Board of the Alexander Innovation Zone since 2013 and the board of the Olympic Museum.




didi 1Passionate for music, festivals & events, Dijana Lakuš worked as a booking agent, promoter, production manager, project manager, event manager, artist manager, PR manager & tour manager all over Europe. Currently lives in London and among many things is involved in event production at festivals such as Glastonbury, Outlook, Secret Garden Party, Dimensions. Also she works at Music Glue, world’s leading music direct to fan e-commerce platform which which allows musical artists to sell digital content, merchandise, and event tickets in multiple currencies and languages.




login 2Login Kochishki is promoter, football player, A&R manager, father, event/party organiser, bambus drinker, label manager, booking agent, publisher, fan of basketball team Metalski Zavod Tito. He has been active in the music industry for the last 20 years. He set up the record label and artist management agency Lithium Records, working with the most renowned Macedonian artists. When his wife didn’t give him the permission to name his son Password, he re-branded his company name into Password Production. He is the founder and director of the biggest Macedonian music Festival Taksirat, D festival, Pivolend, Green Beach Festival and Aqua Park Festival. Login has been promoter of more than a thousand local, regional and international concerts, weddings, funerals and has worked as a production manager, mother or a godfather for the biggest regional Festivals.






gt1Goran Trajkoski is Macedonian musician and composer. Graduated at the faculty of philology-English language and literature but continued working in the music industry. Goran has been the founder and part of the well known bands Mizar, Anastasia and The fall of Byzantium. Has collaboration on several record releases and numerous public appearances in the country and throughout Europe with musicians like: Mizar, Kiril Džajkovski, Elena Hristova, Alexander Veljanov, Mooger Fooger.  He has also been involved in theater production as a music composer for various theater performances and musical stage projects.





Bojan Stefkovski has began his career back in 2007, working for the Balkan branch office of REACT, a Dutch not-for-profit anti-counterfeiting network, with primary focus on intellectual property rights enforcement. He currently holds the position of Office Manager and Legal Advisor of REACTBojan is also one of the co-founder of the company Digital.Millennium.Artists, Skopje based management company that offers advisory services in copyright and related rights, working on digital distribution and monetization on YouTube, Apple iTunes, Google Play and other revenue generating platforms. The company also provides marketing services with focus on new digital media and social networks.




mirko-1Mirko Popov was born 1972 in Skopje. Buying records and taking good care of his music since the earliest days. First professional dj booking in 1992. First macedonian international dj. Regular at Kanal 103 (alternative FM radio station) since 1992. Editor in chief between 2008-2010… 1993 finds him at the core of the macedonian techno-cultural revolution. In 1995 he is starting the PMG Collective – a real life manifesto against the back-wards state of the macedonian society. In the next years, PMG becomes probably the most influential artistic organization in modern day macedonian pop culture. 1998 marks a start to PMG Recordings, an independent macedonian label, with over 100 releases so far. He has 8 albums with his 2 bands PMG Kolektiv and Kanton6. Around 30 music videos and 1 film as a screenwriter and producer. Performed as an actor and writes music for films and teathre productions. Directed a radiodrama.




tose 1Tosho Filipovski is active in the field of music for a really long time. Starting as editor in radio station, he continued doing this for 20 years. So far he took part of the teams in few grand radio stations such as Mladinsko radio 101 (Youth radio 101); Studentsko Radio (Student radio); Radio Kanal103, Life Radio; and Radio Ravel. He was writing articles for few youth and culture oriented magazines and fanzines, and co-organized domestic festivals such as Stop the Madness; Underground festival; Urban festival; ALARM etc. Moreover, he has been leading more than 30 projects in the culture sphere on a national and regional level, and was manager of the most successful bras band from Macedonia-Kochani Orchestra. Since 2009, he is owner of the only vinyl shop in Macedonia. For years he is working on collecting and publishing an encyclopaedia of the Macedonian music scene.




shurbe-1Kostadin Shurbanovski-Shurbe  is a culture manager, promoter, label owner, radio host, DJ and music journalist with more than 20 years of experience in organising concerts, festivals, promo parties and cultural events in Macedonia. As a chief editor and member of the Editorial board in the Music Radio – Kanal 103, he was involved in many projects: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, CDs and books publishing. From 2001 to 2015 as a project manager in the Cultural Institution – Skopje Jazz Festival, he has participated in the organization of "Skopje Jazz Festival" and "OFFest" and took part in different activities of the institution (publishing, exhibitions, release parties etc.) Shurbe also worked in the field of copyright and neighboring rights. He has attended lot of international and local conferences, music fairs, workshops etc.





Boban Lazovski is a music producer from Skopje, one of the more influent and more productive producers in the progressive trance genre. He has been active since 2001 but his international success comes in 2008 with his project Egorythmia. Since then, he has numerous releases for the most renowned record labels: Iono, Iboga, Perfecto Fluoro Blue Tunes, Echoes и Plusquam and has been part of the biggest world music festivals like: Boom, Ozora, Fusion, Exit, Antaris, Universo Parallelo, Sunburn, Equinox,BAP,World of Trance, TamTam and many more. Egorythmia has collaborated with many world music producers: Ace Ventura, liquid Soul, Ritmo, Zen Mechanics, Perfect Stranger, Quantize and Mute.




db-1Darko Buldioski is the founder of the Agency of digital marketing and communication New Media Mk and programme director of ALL Web conference. He has worked on various online projects for social networks, web sites and blogs implementations and online media strategies. With his team he has worked on many digital and social media campaigns for clients like Coca Cola, ONE and Vip, UNDP etc. He has been a speaker on many events such: Weekend Media Festival, Blogomanija, Engage etc. For more than 10 years he has been managing – Macedonian media and marketing blog.






Risto Solunchev. From 1990 to 2010 he has authored several musical albums in various genres, from hip-hop to experimental pop and electronica. He is co-founder od the first hip hop band in Macedonia – Chista Okolina. From 1993 to 1996 he has studied Macedonian traditional music with the renown bagpipe-player Pece Atanasovski and lead a traditional instruments’ orchestra “Pece Atanasovski” until 2003, that resulted in two albums with traditional Macedonian music. He has also participated in two albums: “Kaldrma” (2003) – traditional chalgia music of Macedonia, conducted by the Pece Atanasovski Orchestra together with String Forces and “Genophonia” (2007) conducted by the band Nav (co-founded with Dushko Dimitrovski). In the last 10 years, he has actively explored Byzantine Church music, its theory and practice, as well as its aesthetic and philosophic dimensions. He is the founder of the Macedonian Byzantine Choir Harmosini, being its “choirarchos” (leader of the choir). He teaches Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.






Soni Petrovski is a musician  & composer. He has graduated at the faculty of music in Skopje and from 2010 has been working as a docent on the same Faculty. As an exceptionally talented composer, he has become a member of the Composer Association of Macedonia at a very young age and has been appointed as an art manager of Days of Macedonian music (2003-2005). Since 2012 he has been president of the Composer Association of Macedonia. He has been composer of many music pieces for various concerts and solo projects.






Vlatko Janevski  has joined the music playing from his 7th year . He is born in Skopje 1976 and since 1992 he has more than 240 live performances per year. Left the music academy under excuse that he is not born for being a classical musician . He was a part of many local bands (Valkan Balkan,Last Expedition,Blla Blla Blla,Alshar and more) as a performer,composer,producer as well as composer in theater shows. 2007 he was a student of Avid(DigiDesign)Protools 101 course and since then he is involved in sound design and postproduction . In 2010 he worked on his first feature film as a dialog editor  and today he works as a Foley artist and music producer in his studio.




belopeta 1Oliver Belopeta worked as a music journalist and radio announcer in the ‘70s and ‘80s. Later managing the cultural institution Skopje Jazz Festival, which organises two festivals, Skopje Jazz Festival and the world-music oriented OFF-Fest. Belopeta has been a member of the Board of Directors of the European Jazz Network and currently is a member of the Board of Directors of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals. From 2001 to 2005 he was the artistic director of the Jazz Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia.




vasko-1Vasko Atanasoski is born in Skopje, 1979. He is a fan of Vardar team and a fighter. He is not a monster nor is he a pet. For more than 20 years he has been playing in bands and recording cassettes, vinyl, Cds and free downloads together with his friends (Komunisticka samoposluga, Bumbiks…Pressing, Treta Smena, FxPxOx, This Home Is Prepared, Demoncrats, SmartxBomb, Bernays Propaganda, PMG Collective, HAHAHA, Demek, ТК.SК) He is petit, tough and has been through a lot. What we would say-a real Macedonian.




sonja-1Sonja Pandilovska – radio host. Her beginnings date from the 90s when she started working in the student show “Mladinski kanal” and after transfers to the Third Chanel and works there until its closing. From 1996 to 1999 she works in the first Macedonian tabloid, the weekly newspaper “M Express”. Her first radio experience is in 1993 in Sky radio, then in Pro Fm and since 1998 she is part of the team of Antenna 5 radio.





gjorjgi-1Gjorgji Ilovski-Gjole is a musician and the leading singer of the Macedonian metal-core band SMUT. 20 years ago, when SMUT started playing, there was no metal-core in Macedonia. Today, we talk about a band who is the founder of this style in the region and one of the most respected bands in this part of Europe with four released albums and hundreds of concerts, some of which, together with Sick of It All, Biohazard, Integrity, Hatebreed, Madball, Ignite…





gjor-1Gjorgji Janevski works as a freelance film and media worker, part of the independent radio 103 team where he produces weekly live radio sessions of Macedonian and foreign artists. He also works as a promoter/producer and culture manager of the local independent scene. In 2010 he wrote and directed the independent documentary “If Nobody’s Playing” shown at various independent film festivals in Europe. In 2014 he produced the first Macedonian female artist compilation “Nekoi devojki”. He is part of the team working on the re:volt project.






Ljubomir Frckovski – professor, political expert. PhD in Law and Political sciences. Member of many international bodies such: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, French Institute for International Relations, Association for International Law-Skopje. In the 90s he acted as a Minister of internal affairs and a Minister for external affairs in two consecutive mandates. He was one of the experts who drafted the Macedonian Constitution in 1991 and the Ohrid Framework Agreement ion 2001.  From 1984 he works as a professor of international law and international human rights law at the Faculty of law in Skopje.




toni-1Toni Kitanovski  is one of the most active and most important Macedonian jazz composers and musicians who started his career as a mentee of Dragan Gjakonovski-Shpato –the founding father of Macedonian jazz and Skopje Radio Big Band Orchestra. He continued his education at Berklee School of Music in Boston thanks to Robert Share Memorial Award, rarely awarded in a form of a four year full scholarship. As a student he won Charles Mingus Award for extraordinary achievements in western musical tradition. He attended composition seminars of GyorgyLigeti at New England Conservatory and lectures of Luciano Berio at Harvard University. Aside of busy touring and studio life Toni Kitanovski is valuable member of academic community at Goce Delcev University in Stip as professor of composition and head of Jazz Department.





ranko-1Ranko Petrovikj, also known as Ranko Bubamara is the first man of radio Bubamara and a producer of the show “Zlatna Bubamara na popularnosta”. He started his career in 1991 as a member of a secondary school youth radio lub. In 1992 he actively participates in forming the fist Student radio in Macedonia. From 1993 he transfers to KPM Sky radio and works there until 1995 when he opens Bubamara radio and, together with his team, organizes and produces the show “Zlatna Bubamara na popularnosta” for the past 20 years.