Anders Wahrén

Anders Wahrén spearheads Roskilde Festival’s artistic output. He is in charge of the booking committee that selects the 175 or so acts for the festival’s nine stages and is primarily responsible for booking international artists. Additionally, Anders manages the group of art curators responsible for the architecture, performance art, lights, graffiti and much more. With these overall responsibilities, Anders is also the official spokesman for all matters regarding music and art. Anders is the Head of the Content Division, and along with the rest of the festival management he strategically plans the festival on a greater scale. After his first visit to Roskilde Festival in 1996 he became a volunteer stage-hand and production manager. In 2005, he joined the festival’s booking committee. Anders had previously worked as both booker and production manager at the Roskilde live music venue Gimle from 2000-2006 and subsequently as a booking agent for Live Nation Denmark from 2007-2011. Anders is 35 years old and lives in Copenhagen. He has two kids: Oscar (six) and Alfred (three). Anders was born and raised in Roskilde.