Giancarlo Sernagiotto

Giancarlo is an Italian music industry professional from a small town near Venice.
Approaching music from an early age, he started by playing the drums while in middle school and has continued his musical career throughout his younger years.
During his youth, he’s always been around bands and the local music scene, as a musician and also moving his first steps in the industry by liaising between the local acts and record labels.
Coming from a small area in the north-east part of Italy, he then decided to move to Rome after high-school to be in closer contact with the Italian music scene – there he discovered a passion for club music as well as he started moving his first steps in the industry, working for a local radio first and then as a booking coordinator for an agency operating between Rome and Naples. Through Propaganda Agency, he learned a more hands-on approach to the bureaucratic side of the industry and started creating his first connections by booking international DJs and acts that would come to play in Italy.
After spending two years in the capital, Giancarlo decided to move to London to pursue a full-time career in the music industry – it is in London that he graduated in 2019 in Music Business and Live Entertainment with First Class with Honors.
While in London he managed to continue his personal growth in the music scene by working as Head of Music at Verve Radio and as an artist manager on the side, providing help to upcoming bands and DJs in the area.
Artist management has always been Giancarlo’s main passion, hence why he has continued, and still is, working alongside upcoming acts from both Europe and the U.S. Not only management, Giancarlo continues to be actively involved in music production and DJing.
Since April 2020, he’s been working for Kanjian Music, arguably China’s leading licensing company, as Licensing Manager first and then as International Business Manager. His main role his to oversee all licensing operations of Kanjian as well as to work as a point of contact for all legal and IP matters, for which he has developed a taste during his corporate experience. He’s also been in charge of developing Kanjian’s neighboring rights division after the passing of a dedicated legislation in China in 2021.
Giancarlo is currently in charge of Kanjian’s relationships with aggregators, publishers, CMOs and PROs while also working occasionally in more creative fields such as Synch and A&R.
When not working for Kanjian, he can be found enjoying some 70’s dance music in a club or crate digging for hidden gems to play at his next shows.