Marko Micić

Graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Niš. As an organizer, co-organizer or performer, for more than 20 years, he has participated in numerous cultural events in Nis and beyond. Since 2013 he has been working at the Faculty of Arts in Niš as the head of the Multimedia Center. He is the director of the newly founded world music festival “Merak”, project manager of the “Marker” association and part of the editorial board of the multimedia portal “Megafon” ( Other engagement in the media include: founder and editor-in-chief of a portal dedicated to the arts kultURA! (; Editor of the student online art magazine. Editor, co-founder and designer of the music magazine Aperto nuovo; Editor and presenter of the radio show about classical music on Fast radio. With his dedication, he contributed to the realization of many festivals in the city of Niš: founder, organizer and implementer of the Concert and Exhibition Season of the Faculty of Arts for which he was awarded the “Organizer of the Year 2016” by the magazine “Muzika klasika”; Expert associate and participant in International Choir Festival in Niš (2000-2010); One of the organizers of the renewed event “International Meeting of Jazz Musicians NAISSUS JAZZ”; One of the founders, organizer and implementer of the International Music Festival “Constantinus” (2010-2013); Member and currently President of the Council of the “New Year Concert” of the Naissus Youth Philharmonic Orchestra… He gained experience in cultural management through cooperation with the Nis Symphony Orchestra, the association “PozitivNI”, the “Naissus Jazz club”…. He was the editor and organizer of the program and marketing manager of the clubs “Scena”, “KSI” and many other clubs in Nis.