Nebojša Petrović

Nebojša Petrović is an international booking agent, promoter, manager and the founder and CEO of an international booking agency, He previously worked as a professional basketball player and trainer of younger categories playing for the National team of Serbia. Starting with 2009, he began working as a journalist/editor of regional and world urban music culture through his web site In time, this web platform developed into a regional music publisher bearing the name Rock Svirke Records. From 2013 on, Nebojša Petrović has been successfully working as a booking agent for a number of internationally recognized authors and performers through established Rock Svirke Agency (Repetitor, Lisa Hannigan, Triggerfinger, Motorpsycho, Algiers, My Baby, Ben Caplan, SUUNS, Follakzoid, Battleme, Norman Beaker Band, Marc O’ Reilly, Wille and the Bandits and many others).