Olga Papadopoulou

A true CSEE “kid”, born in the former USSR with family scattered all over eastern Europe, Olga was raised in Athens, studied sound engineering and acoustics, classical piano and advanced classical harmony. With great passion for all forms of musical expression and its life-giving, healing powers, and although an experienced music professional, she is still looking to grow her knowledge base, currently studying jazz piano and sound therapy, among other things.

Continuously seeking progress in her professional life, her work experience is very diverse: from working as a sound engineer in recording studios, on-air technician at radio stations and freelance voice over artist, to being actively involved in the artistic and events curation of the Athens
International Short Film Festival for many years.

During the last decade she has worked for the production and management of numerous events (live gigs, concerts and festivals) for leading cultural centers of Athens and creative teams across the country.

Currently working as a production coordinator for Athens Music Week and collaborating in the HEMI Project Initiative for the Μusic Αwards & Ιncubator activities coordination, focusing on education, personal growth and a happier way of being.