Petar Yordanov

Petar Nikolaev Yordanov – Buny: An artist, who combines in an one man show all of the magic of the drums. Multinstrumentalist, composer and creator of several bands (Oratnitza, Balkan beats, Acoustic soul, Two man orchestra and others) and some educational formats. Through everything that Buny does, he always tries to deliver a positive massage for harmony and beauty through his art.

Peter is always open to experiment with new genres and collaborate with new artists. The eclectic approach of his compositions creates bridges through generations and subcultures that traditionally can`t merge together. The power of his music can be seen at his concerts in Bulgaria and Europe. The urge to be closer to people and his love with the sound of the hang drum led Buny to a dream and the dream led to a project.

As one of the pioneers in the hand pan instrument group in Bulgaria Buny`s is aiming with his project to bring more people on the side of the hang’s philosophy, by installing hang drums in key places in Sofia and organize music events there.

By organizing public concerts through the infrastructure of installed hang drums, Buny`s mission to bring harmony and peace to the everyday life of people through music comes one step closer. The healing and harmonizing sound of the hang drum will effect every person walking by.

Part of Buny`s educational drum concerts with his own students will also be held in the urban spaces, so that the hang drum could be promoted to the younger generations.

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