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Vasil Gjuroski

Seven years in the cold Arctic couldn’t easily cool down the hot Balkan-dude. Vasil Gjuroski (41) finds his own path in Tromsø, Norway, this time with even steamier and louder energy. As a father to a three-year-old and married to a polar bear, his word for life is not less than FUCK IT – LET´S GO!

What year but 2020 is better to use that saying? Programming (canceling) has never been more difficult for his Rakettnatt Music and Arts Festival. Add to that programming (rescheduling/canceling) for Student House Drive and you get a picture of living in a difficult situation – like the rest of the music industry. Getting energy from ultramarathon runs and split-board climbing, Vasil “Peter Pan” Gjuroski – aka I Refuse To Grow Up – also refuses to give up, and still fights for our right to listen to good music, have fun, and enjoy life, as he´s been doing the last twenty years or something.
Because, in the end, all you need is love, an amplifier, and a bunch of really good LPs.