Ylber Havolli

Ylber Havolli is bass/drum player and a activist in the alternative music scene in Kosovo, working in stage management and band management since 10 years. Ylber comes from a family of musicians and started to play drums at the age of 15. At that time created a band with Taulant Mehmeti (Guitar), Fatlind Ferati (Bass) and named the band Livid Funk. This band was active for 2 years where they performed in different venues and festivals such as Rock për Rock, Jazz 212, Hardrockers. In the beginning of 2008 “Livid Funk” disbanded and Ylber focused more on stage & technical support. One of the first experiences was led by working with one of the key Metal bands in Kosovo’s post 2008 scene “Madgod”. Post Madgod’s breakup, Ylber joined “Me t’njofshem, a.k.a MTNJ”mainly on drums & percussion in 2012. MTNJ recorded their first album in 2012 and performed in many venues and festivals such as : Beerfest, Ngom Fest, Dokufest, Sunny Hill Festuval etc. After the experience with “Madgod” he continued with stage management and technical support for various music organizations including MTNJ-Arc(20 Album release), MUWW-Metal United World Wide Kosova 2, Rock United, Prishtina Drum Festival, etc. His work gained a new position since in 2014 by becoming manager and tech support for the metal band “Frisson”, working on concerts and on recording the 2nd album. Recently he is involved in producing the first compilation album of the newest record label in the Prishtina alternative music scene “DEFY THEM”, where he acts as a band coordinator, social media marketing, technical support, event organizer.