2.4 Sounds of Europe

Sounds Of Europe is an international network of 13 festivals from 11 countries, sharing artists and knowledge, with the goal to show the enormous diversity and richness of the European music. Sounds Of Europe focuses on music rooted in local or migrated traditions, until the most contemporary forms of it, with a strong emphasis on the musicianship of the artists.

Presenters: Marija Vitas, Jan Hoozee, Kostadin Shurbanovski

Partners of the network are:
Musicastrada (Toscany, Italy), Aux Heures d’Été (Nantes, France), Sziget (Budapest, Hungary), Vidor Festival (Nyíregyháza, Hungary), Ethno Port (Poznan, Poland), Etnosoi (Helsinki, Finland), Ring Ring / Todo Mundo (Belgrade, Serbia), OFFest / Skopje Jazz Festival (Skopje, Macedonia), World Music Bratislava (Slovakia), Colour Meeting (Blatna, Czech Republic), Music Meeting (Nijmegen, Holland), Houtfestival (Haarlem, Holland) and Trefpunt Festival / Ghent Festivities (Ghent, Belgium) as leading partner.