3.7 Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture – traditional Serbian reception

Novi Sad is the European Capital of Culture 2022 & the first city outside the European Union to be declared the European Capital of Culture.

Its program concept is inspired by the notion of bridges that connect past, present and future, East and West, tradition and modernity. Around 5000 local and international artists will participate in the programme until the end of the title year. Because of the successful realization and implementation of two programme arches during past three years: Doček and Kaleidoscope of culture and due to establishment of network of cultural stations in the city and its outskirts, in November 2021 Novi Sad won the European Trend Brand of the Year 2021 award, within the European Cultural Brand Awards 2021, the competition held for the 16th time in Dresden.

Welcome to the traditional Novi Sad reception with rakija & love!