The great celebration of the 20th jubilee of the TAKSIRAT FESTIVAL, we are proud to announce the 5th edition of the PIN Music Conference!

The first and only international music conference and showcase festival in Macedonia will be held this year at the Youth Cultural Center, from November 29th to December 1st, and this event will officially open the program for the celebrating “Days” of Taksirat  *20*

PIN, as one of the most significant projects in which TAKSIRAT and Password Production invest all their capacity, international experiences, is an event that brings together the most relevant names from the European music industry in a three-day program presenting and discussing the current topics from music business and, during the night, at the showcase festival, presents the new talents and the most potential music artist from different EU countries.

This year’s conference will host a number of important guests and musicians from all over Europe, representatives of the biggest European festivals, musicians, promoters, music agents, managers, journalists and professionals. With an exceptionally rich program, the PIN conference focuses on the themes related to the Macedonian and European music scene, music production, alternative culture, the connection between music and politics, copyright, “do-it-yourself” approach, festivals, the media. And all this in order to finally bring fresh ideas into the Macedonian music and creative industry, those who want to be part of it and those who know how this industry operates internationally, to help in the exchange of ideas and experiences, interconnection and cooperation of people who have their life call in music and arts world.

In the showcase program PIN will be filled with more than 20 music acts from Macedonia and Europe. This year’s list includes: GORAN TRAJKOSKI, EGORYTHMIA, SPIRIT ARCHITECT, MODUAL , DUPER, STRING FORCES and MICRO MOMENT  from Macedonia, YA-NECK from Poland, LABESS from France, KATJA ŠULC and WEREFOX from Slovenia, ŽEN from Croatia, PIPES AND PINTS from the Czech Republic, VERA JONAS EXPERIMENT from Hungary, LEYYA and CARI CARI from Austria, RUTH KOLEVA from Bulgaria, ANA & THE CHANGES and EL PREЗIDENTE from Serbia, ANTIKVARINIAI KAŠPIROVSKIO DANTYS from Lithuania, OGROM CIRCUS from Germany, ISLANDMAN from Turkey and VYDRAPENA BUZIRKA PUNK SYSTEM from Slovakia.