UPBEAT is the European showcase platform for world music. We are an alliance of festivals, together creating the future of a diverse music industry right here in Europe. Sustainability, talent discovery, music in original language, and the strengthening of professional networks are all in our vision.

We are a support system for the most prominent and promising European world music showcases and festivals. We shape the future of the European music industry by supporting new talent, music in original language, and by facilitating stronger connections between local professionals. We also support sustainable developments. Our quest is to ensure a thriving and forward thinking world music scene in Europe, with a wide artistic and social impact, for the benefit of artists, festivals, audiences alike.

UPBEAT Platform aims to support emerging artists from all corners of Europe to hit the international festival stages. The showcases and festivals are the springboard of young talents’ career, therefore the Platform offers support through these events with the ultimate aim of increasing their visibility and collaborations, as well as the circulation of their art in a global market, towards new audiences.

Songs in their original language can smash both international and local billboards. UPBEAT supports music in its original language from Europe, a continent with as many as 200 spoken languages, all unique and rich with culture.

UPBEAT focuses on up-and-coming artists in the European world music industry. They make it much easier for our member festivals to book performances by new talents without having to worry about the risk while sticking to their core values: support of new talent, support of music in the original language, sustainability, and strengthening the European network of industry professionals. They also give a boost to the marketing of these performances, making sure that discovering new artists and being discovered is easier than ever before.

With UPBEAT, events for industry professionals and stakeholders are easier and less costly to organize. World music experts based in Europe have a lot to offer – our networks need to be tighter as we look for business solutions within arm’s reach. UPBEAT supports professional events at showcase festivals, from networking to in-depth conferences.

Beyond the support of emerging artists, the Platform Members will jointly advocate for a sustainable and fair turn in festival production. The ultimate outcome of the Platform is a fresher, more youthful and future-oriented world music scene in Europe.