Alexander Mihaylov & His Patardia

Alexander Mihaylov is a Bulgarian folklore and jazz musician, who has found creative expression through two very distinct instruments – kaval (a traditional Bulgarian wooden flute) and saxophone. 

Thanks to his numerous years of experience in the Bulgarian folklore and jazz scene, he skilfully manages to blend these styles and create musical landscapes in ethno-jazz stylistics.

Why Patardia? 

The quintet “Alexander Mihaylov & His Patardia” is inspired by the title of his debut album which was released in May this year. The word “Patardia” means in Bulgarian noise and uproar, as well as mixing dissimilar sounds. This type of unexpected musical blend is the album’s base – compositions in which the kaval’s sound is intertwined with styles distant from its authentic sound. 

The starting point of this project is the Bulgarian traditional folklore music heritage, articulated with present-time musical language and techniques. The album includes original compositions by Alexander Mihaylov based on his experience in folklore, jazz and world music. The mixture of which can be characterized as fusion. The tunes flow through different moods from tender to lively and playful, revealing the author’s personal story.

Who makes Patardia?

Alexander Mihaylov has been on a mission to find the perfect band members for his project, Patardia. After months of searching, he has finally found the perfect combination of fantastic musicians to bring his vision to life. In his seek for musical companions, Alexander comes to: 

Georgi Popov – percussionist who draws experience directly from the origin – Cuba; 

Georgi Uzunov – bass guitarist, soaked to the bones with groove music, loving funk and jazz; 

Ilko Gradev – jazz accordionist, a parallel between the Romanian and Bulgarian scenes;

Viktor Radanov – the perfect drummer for any band, adapting with ease to the different complexities of each project he is part of.

With a mix of different musical backgrounds and influences, the quintet “Alexander Mihaylov & His Patardia” is ready to take the stage and bring their unique sound to the world!