Antonie – AVP project

Antonie is best known as a percussionist, drummer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. He is a member of the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, ZJM Big Band, “Fames Project Orchestra” and a member of the ensemble “ConTempora”. In the past he was part of the band Fighting Windmills with which he has recorded four studio albums as well as collaborations with, “Katerinha”, “The Three of Us”, Jordan Kostov, Gian Emin. “AVP Project” is Antonie’s latest solo project with which he best presents his unique artistic side. The project is a series of three studio albums of different genres and styles that will be released during 2021, and which will be hosted by domestic artists. With the AVP project Antonie performed at: Jazz Factory Festival, Prilep Jazz Weekend, White Night, Skopje Drum Fest as well as the events Neuland Mysterium, Schweppes Metamorphosis, 90 Minutes, Culture in Crown Time, Mini Astro Concerts and at PIN Showcase Festival 2020.