Bohemian Betyars

Bohém: cheerful people living an unconventional lifestyle, careless about social norms with light-minded and unwaried optimism
Betyár: outlaw bandits in the 18-19th century, who later turned into folk heros, fighting for social justice. Today they are irrespective young striplings

“With a bare-chested, barefooted fiddler playing Gypsy-flavored tunes as he bounded around the stage, and a singer who sounded simultaneously plaintive and amused, the band cranked up an unmistakably Eastern European flavor of rowdy mockery.” – New York Times (2020)

Formed in 2009, Bohemian Betyars is a Budapest-based folk-punk band renowned for their high-voltage live performances. Infusing speed-folk freak-punk with Hungarian, Balkanic, and Gipsy elements, the band creates an electrifying experience that transcends cultural boundaries.

From the vibrant streets of Japan to the energetic clubs of Spain, Bohemian Betyars has taken their infectious tunes worldwide leaving audiences in awe. Their music, a celebration of bitter revelry, has the power to transform mundane moments into unforgettable delirium, making every performance an exhilarating journey into the heart of their unique musical universe.