Bohemian Cristal Instrument

A futuristic ritual, a transcendent experience for the Digital Age

Lenka Morávková takes you on a multi-sensory journey with a one-of-a-kind glass sculpture, the Bohemian Cristal Instrument (après Cristal Baschet). The Czech sonic explorer processes the acoustic properties of the crystal along with her voice, to create ethereal immersive soundscapes and hypnotic ambient pulses. Following a TEDx talk in California, and the release of the debut EP UNICODE in June 2018, BCI’s  unique ceremony with a full band and mesmerizing light show immerses you in a world where tradition and futurism become one.

Lenka hails from Northern Czech Republic, a region famous for its glass industry. She had already produced several striking new media installations based on the sound of local factories in the time of their deepest decline, before the conception of her Bohemian Cristal Instrument. Following Lenka’s original design, the glass sound sculpture is a unique version of the legendary Cristal Baschet instrument. With it, she introduces an entirely new sonic adventure, yet one still strongly connected to local tradition.

Lenka Morávková, who partly resides in Los Angeles, has a compelling background as an electronic producer (MY NAME IS ANN) and academic researcher (PhD program of Ethnomusicology and Digital Composition at UCR). With her Bohemian Cristal Instrument, she has already accomplished substantial international acclaim in less than two years. She has given a TEDx talk, performed at the prestigious The Broad Museum in Los Angeles alongside Grammy-nominated singer Bora Yoon, and a video shot in the blooming desert of California went viral, reaching more than 2 million views. In the summer of 2017, she headed out on her first European tour, including a one-off collaboration with William Close and The Earth Harp Collective (Guinness Book of Records, America Got Talent) as one of the headliners at Colours of Ostrava 2017, performing on the main stage for 5,000 people. BCI has performed at Eurosonic Noordeslag 2019 in Netherlands, the largest and the most prestigious European showcase festival and recently was shortlisted for SXSW 2020 and performed at Summit LA world leading event of inovators.