Conspiracy is a Macedonian thrash metal band that was formed in Skopje in 2016. The members come from the streets of urban Skopje primarily as fans of metal, rock, hard core, punk and everything that belongs to the underground music scene.

Even as young people, they enrolled in music schools where they took their first steps on their instruments, got to know each other and started hanging out together in Skopje cafes and concerts that were held at that time. Then the idea of forming a joint band is born and the story called Conspiracy begins.

Stefan Trajkoski (guitar/vocals), Davor Kapac (solo guitar), Ivan Dimishkov (drums) and Milos Blagojevic (bass) are members of the first line-up.

The music they listen to inspires them to start creating their own compositions. After winning the Loser Fest festival, in 2019 they released their debut album “Dehumanized”, followed by live performances in several cities in Macedonia.

In 2020, a new Conspiracy is born with a completely different sound, energy, story and philosophy. Adrian, Alex and Rade who are also part of the company from the streets of Skopje decide to continue the story together with Stefan, so the new formation of Conspiracy now consists of Stefan Trajkoski (guitar/vocals), Adrian Petrov (solo guitar), Aleksandar Stefanovski (drums ) and Rade Bikovski (bass).

With joint creation and new energy, the first joint composition of Stefan, Adrian, Alex and Rade called “Gnev” was born, for which a video was also made.

During this period, the new line-up of Conspiracy performs at a number of festivals, the most significant of which are “Vostanie 6”, “Zdravo Mladi”, “Zemjotres”, “Rudar Rock Fest”, “Metal Discharge” and others.