Dimitra is a solo music project of 24 year old Dimitra Cilevska from Bitola. She first appeared on the macedonian independent music scene in 2018 with her EP “Zhivot vo zhivo” (Life live), under Sharla Records. From then on “Prazni Muabeti” (Empty talks) ЕP (2019), ”Come To The Danger Club” LP (2018) and “Mak mrak” (Mak dark) LP (2020) were released under the same label. Her first two EPs had captured the attention of the local audience, but it was her album “Mak mrak” that received full affirmation on the regional scene. Its extraordinary reception supported with several exceptional reviews marked her as a debut discovery of 2020. The independent Croatian radio “Radio 808” named “Mak mrak”, Album of the Year and furthermore it ranked well in multiple regional media charts.

Even though Dimitra’s music is seemingly multiple-layered, it can be categorized as a perfect mix of the new synthwave and trip hop influence served in a minimalist DIY packaging. However, her forte is her powerful writing filled with sharp punk lyrics dosed with anger and sarcasm. Her words are a brutal and in your face critique of society, without false modesty or with any claims to be her generation’s spokesperson. Dimitra’s power and charm come from her strong bond with her intimate self which she skillfully gives a voice to.

So far she has performed in Skopje at “Zemjotres” (Earthquake) and “Prvo pa Zhensko” in Youth Cultural Center, “Sharla: 5 Chekori Poblisku” (Sharla: 5 Steps Closer) at La Kaña, the literary festival “Druga Prikazna” (Another Story) at Suli An, as well as other smaller local events. Dimitra has also performed with her poetry, as a DJ  and as an actress in the theater plays “Nora” and “Vindicta”  in “Intimate Theatre” – Bitola.

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