Dobrila & Dorian Duo

Dobrila and Dorian have been working together since 2008 as part of Chalgia Sound System, one of the best known and most dedicated traditional Chalgia music performing bands, as well as creating contemporary music inspired by and on the foundation of the traditional Chalgia. Their joint musical adventure – Dobrila & Dorian Duo, emerged during the pandemic 2020 while creating the material for their first album, “Apocryph” (released by Skopje Jazz Festival Records in 2021). This material was immediately recognized as a masterpiece. It includes some of the most beautiful Macedonian traditional songs: “Izlezi, Vido”, “Tri godini stana”, “Nevesto tenka, visoka”, but in a radically new, let’s call it  “electronic”, vision of Macedonian traditional music while transporting it to some new dimensions. Instead of the usual sound of a full traditional ensemble, here we have only an oud, supported by live looping, while silence and improvisation interact within the richness of the traditional melodies. Since the release of the album the writing about the allure of this new musical venture and sound were starting with “A bold and sincere to the note, masterfully performed project which, when you play it once, lifts you upon a spiral and with each listening makes you wish for more”.