Dope Kukjata

Dope Kukjata is a boy band of several individuals and two MCs who found themselves in the right place at the right time. They have left behind about 10 albums, a few bad girls and a song with Tupac. For the New Year’s Eve, everyone collectively made a wish to perform at Eurovision, so Santa gave them a talent to make the perfect HIT song together. The band dates back to 2017. Their collective debut is in 2018, releasing the first hip-hop futuristic album titled “3018”. Two years later (2020), during Covid, they released their second collective album – this time a compilation produced by Lukas Pomatski entitled “Sam Doma” (“Home Alone”). A Year Later (2021) and “Sam Doma 2” (“Home Alone 2”) – a compilation album produced by Basmin. Their latest album was released on October 8th this year and is titled “SUPERGRUB BOiBAND”.

Peteljavashe (DJ)
Lux Kmala (Producer, Artist)
Laz Vegjas (performer, producer)
Jasmin (producer, performer)
VuiSah (artist)
Piki (artist)
Love OT (artist)
VecVajsVers (Artist)
bobbss (artist)
Gago (performer)
Slika (producer)