“The energetic Duckshell are living proof that South London’s jazzy post-rock phenom has found its way east, where it’s been given additional Balkan-inflected pipe work to do.” – Mark Beaumont, NME – 2022 August

Duckshell’s music is a mix of Hungarian, Balkan and Brazilian influences blended with different styles such as ska, punk and hip-hop. At every concert, they are present on the stage with a punk attitude, bringing a carnival atmosphere to clubs and festivals with their unique world music.

The Budapest based Hungarian-Brazilian band has performed in several popular music clubs in Budapest, such as A38, Kobuci Kert, Gólya Presszó, Turbina Kulturális Központ since 2017 – and recently they have been giving sold-out concerts as a headliner at these venues. During the summer of 2022, Duckshell performed at several music festivals in Hungary, including the biggest one in the country, Sziget Festival.

They are constantly invited to play at venues abroad all around the Balkan region; besides that, they have already had tours in Germany and France and played in front of 8000 people in Turkey. 

DUCKSHELL – Törpekirály (live at Akvárium Klub, Budapest)
DUCKSHELL – Felöntök a haragra (live at Akvárium Klub, Budapest)
DUCKSHELL – Policy (live at Budapest Park)

Music videos:
DUCKSHELL – Goool (Official Music Video)
DUCKSHELL – Kocsmai Könyörgés (Official Music Video)

DUCKSHELL – Sötét anyag (Full LP)
DUCKSHELL – Academia Banana (Full EP) 


“Their explosive intertwining of Balkan and Brazilian music, grafted onto ska, punk and hip-hop musical structures, made not only the large audience who crowded the stage of the cultural center dance, but also those present outside. From an artistic point of view they certainly impressed with the energy and intensity of the performance, but above all we were struck by their light-hearted post-punk attitude which, in the near future, will project them onto the international music scene.”

Benedikt Muzslai– vocal, acoustic guitar,
Árpád Perecz – vocal, electronic guitar,
Francisco Muzslai – Saxophone,
Áron Bujdosó– Trumpet,
Ágoston Lehocki– Keys,
Beni Báthori– Bass,
Ádám Pecze– Percussion,
Péter Koncsecskó – Drums