Fulu Miziki

Fulu Miziki is a multidisciplinary ensemble of musicians from Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) founded by Old Pisko Crane. For several years, Pisko envisioned an orchestra made from materials found in trash cans and dumps. The instruments vary constantly in search of new sounds.

In 2016, they were joined by the performer Aicha Mena Kanieba who with Le Meilleur, DeBoul, La Roche, Padou, Sekelembele, Tche Tche and the Old Pisko Crane formed the Eco-Afro-Futurist collective Fulu Miziki.

Fulu Miziki’s artists make their own performance costumes, masks and instruments. Their distinct sound supports a Pan-African message of artistic liberation, peace and a deep concern about the ecological situation of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the whole world. For Fulu everything can be reclaimed and re-enchanted.