With it’s beginnings in 2019, ISKRA is an audio-visual project that synthesises data from an alleged computer chip from the future into electronic sounds accompanied with intriguing animations. The story takes place in Skopje, in the year 2088/2089, during the siege of the city by a corporation, publicly known for its malicious activities. A group of four very different but equally brave characters decide to stand against the corrupt ways of this corporation and…

All this comes from the joined creative forces of Viktor Andonovski, Vladimir Petkovikj, Mihail Naumov and Boban Krstev or collectively known as ISKRA.

Their sense-pleasing live shows have been part of various well-known domestic and international festivals such as Bosh Festival, Vostanie, Zdravo Mladi, Parko 2047 and Ship Music Festival in Shibenik, Croatia.

To date, they have released two albums. Their first album “AKT01” was released for PMG Recordings in the form of CD and in the form of a cassette for the publishing house Matracookie. Their second album, titled “MOTHER EARTH MOTHER BOARD” was released in April 2023 for Diehard Records.