“ISKRA” (SPARK) is an audiovisual project consisting of 4 members who say that they found a chip from the future with very important information.

They managed to decode the chip, and the information to which only they have access is conveyed to us very skillfully and creatively in the form of music and animation.

Their animated videos contain themes from the future of Skopje, specifically the year 2088/89, where a large corporation with its clumsily brutal interests directly participates in the destruction of the city.

To prevent this, a dangerous gang decides to confront the whole situation. “Iskra” are four guys, all from Skopje, all with a background in music and art and like-minded when it comes to aesthetic tastes.

Mihail Naumov, Vladimir Petkovic, Boban Krstev and Viktor Andonovski or collectively – “Iskra”.

The Iskra project has existed since 2019 and until now they have performed several live performances, mostly at well-known domestic festivals such as “Zdravo Mladi”, “Vostanie 6”, “BOSH Festival”.

Until now, they have released the first album “AKT01” for “PMG Recordings” in the form of a CD, as well as for the publishing house “MATRACOOKIE” in the form of a cassette.

They are currently working on their second studio album.