Joker Out

Slovenian rock group Joker Out stands as the foremost name in the emerging music scene of the region. Within just a few seasons, this band has impressively captured the hearts of Slovenians and is now poised for a grand journey across Europe and the world.

The quintet, comprising of Kris, Bojan, Jure, Jan, and Nace, has unveiled two albums to date – “Umazane Misli” and “Demoni.” Their remarkable energy, distinctive visual identity, and commanding musical prowess have duly earned them two consecutive accolades for Slovenian Artist of the Year in 2021 and 2022, along with an award for Song of the Year. They have been listed on the IMPALA list of 100 artists expected to shine in 2023. Furthermore, they have garnered multiple Zlata piščal awards, Slovenia’s equivalent of the Grammy, in the categories of Performer and Emerging Talent of the Year. Additionally, they have secured a nomination at the MAC Awards for the Best Regional Ex-Yugoslavian Rock Act.

Joker Out – „Carpe Diem“

Since their inception in 2016, the band’s meteoric rise has been nothing short of extraordinary. In a significant turn of events this year, the Slovenian national television internally selected them as their representatives for the Eurovision Song Contest. Here, they swept across the continent with their chart-topping hit, “Carpe Diem.” This marked the beginning of an international odyssey that sets them apart from any other artist in this region.

“Carpe Diem” has now ascended to the prestigious ranks of Billboard’s most-streamed songs in the region, encompassing all major streaming platforms. This extraordinary Eurovision sensation and generational anthem has accumulated an astonishing 17 million streams on Spotify alone. Furthermore, it has secured a position on the “Top 10 Spotify Global Viral Chart,” establishing it as the third hottest Eurovision track.

Their captivating performance at this prestigious competition also brought them into the limelight through their duet with rock legend Elvis Costello, a remarkable rendition of their own hit, “Novi val” (New Wave).

Joker Out – „Sunny Side Of London“

The year 2023 has been set apart as a year of live performances for Joker Out. The group embarked on their inaugural tour across the United Kingdom, captivating audiences and selling out a series of shows in Nordic countries where they ignited a frenzy, particularly in Finland. Their double concerts in cities like Zagreb, Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Warsaw were sold out within hours. Similar enthusiasm greeted their performances in Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Munich, Wroclaw, Vilnius, Rijeka, and, notably, Varaždin, where a crowd of 10,000 joined in chorus to their greatest hits such as “Umazane misli” , “Novi val”, “Tokio,” “Ngvot,” “Vem da greš,” “Ona,” “Plastika”, and “Demoni”.

However, the zenith of the entire year, and indeed their career thus far, unfolded at a magnificent concert held at the Stožice Arena in Ljubljana, where more than 12,000 fervent fans came together in an unforgettable spectacle!

On the recording front, this triumphant year of 2023 has seen Joker Out extend their reach beyond “Carpe Diem” with the release of a brand-new single, “Sunny Side Of London.” This track has resonated with listeners across the spectrum, spanning from Finland and Sweden to Germany, Poland, Spain, and Greece.”