Kalata is a North Macedonian band/project formed by Simeon Angelovski (Bass Player, Arranger, Composer) in 2018. We started as a duo (Simeon and Minela) but now we are 9 people.

Our inspiration is all the beautiful traditional Macedonian music. We are trying to play our native music combined with the sound of 21th
century, kind of drawing a parallel between the music of the traditional and the modern music.

The main motivation was to play our native (Macedonian) music and to keep the traditional vibe as much as possible but still to add a bit of flavor. We are trying to find the similarities between the modern music and the traditional Macedonian/Balkan music and to combine it but like I said, we must to keep the traditional vibe and keep the accent of it.

We are a relatively new band and we haven’t had much gigs/shows, we are still focused on composing, arranging and recording music. We have
a still unreleased but fully recorded and half-mixed EP that is going to be released in May 2022 (We couldn’t work because of the COVID-19 situation). We are also working on the new EP and we hope that we will release it until the end of this Summer. We were a part of three festivals last year and we also played at some smaller audiences. We have some upcoming tours/festivals this year, D-Festival (North Macedonia), NYou (Albania), Balkan Trafik (Belgium), Pin Conference (North Macedonia).