Eklektik musik from the wild Karpathians

Musical stories of a multicultural homeland in a concert entitled Transylvanian Tales. As the name suggests, the experience is much more than a concert: it is a bouquet of folclore inspired songs and local stories wrapped in feelings that go straight to the audience’s heart.

Taking inspiration from their past, their roots – Eastern-, Central European and balkanic folk tunes and melodies – they are looking towards the future, influenced by global music. Their modern approach to traditional sounds takes the listener on a journey: old, shamanic vibrations combined with a 21. century electric and sometimes electronic sonority – the place between worlds.

Having started as a folk singer in a musician family, Koszorus Krisztina aka Koszika is on the root of Hungarian, Romanian and Gypsy music. After getting her degree in Classical Violin and perfecting her craft in Jazz and Pop/Funk, she started reusing the inherited knowledge on her roots to mix influences, languages and styles ith ease and joy. Her vocals are colorful, playful, versatile and her stories funny.

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Szász Csaba accompanies her on the guitar and several other instruments, skillfully balancing the traditional and modern elements in their sound and brings forward a whole bands’ ample sound beside crafting exciting solos.