КУКЛА is a self-proclaimed Slavic gangsta geisha pop artist.

Her pop sound captures the current gender non conforming youth of the West, while still maintaining a special Slavic introspection and fatalism. There’s a clear stylistic resemblance to Milosevic era Serbian female singers and a nod to R&B goddesses of the Bush era America.

Her debut album “Katarina”, released in December, embodies not just the innocence of a new-born who’s screaming into the still unknown world, but also the well-versed melancholia of a person at the verge of writing a suicide letter. This conceptual contrast is accompanied by a clear stylistic resemblance to Slobodan Milošević’s turbo-folk era on one side and American R&B goddesses of the Bush era on the other. Both, the strong Slavic introspection with a tinge of working-class fatalism and the progressive gender non-conforming pop sound of the West, add to the stylistic richness of the album.