La Ganga Calé

La Ganga Calé is a multicultural journey through the musics that define the latin way of life on both sides of the Atlantic. This Spanish group cherishes the power of rhythm as the best way to connect souls, bodies and minds all around the world, and at the same time the most efficient channel to deliver a message of tolerance and diversity. There is no doubt they truly embody the essence of the neighborhood that put them all together in the first place: Lavapies, a unique spot, a powerful melting pot of languages, races, cultures and colors in the center of Madrid. 

2019 would mark an inflection point in the band’s trajectory. The videoclip “Bacalao” featuring Orishas’ Ruzzo and their performance at one of the largest cultural gatherings in Europe—the Sziget Festival—projected La Ganga to wider audiences and launched a new journey sealed by a new record: Jungla Magnética which features special guests including María Peláe and lead singers Pulpul of Ska-P, Adrià of La Pegatina and Eskorzo’s Tony Moreno. This work fuses funk, rumba, cumbia, merengue, salsa, reggae and ska. La Ganga premiered this album touring with the long-celebrated band Ska-P through Mexico. 

Back in Spain, the Jungla Magnética Tour kicked off in Madrid’s Sala Caracol, where a sold out opening featured special guests such as Anita Kuruba and Chiki Lora (Canteca de Macao).